Jonathan is the creator of This is 65 Films. Born and raised in Annapolis, MD, Jonathan was the only child in the city who didn’t grow up rich and privileged, but he is white. Jonathan studied film with a minor in art at Villa Julie College, which doesn’t exist anymore, so there’s really no reason why he should still be paying his student loans. Jonathan has been making movies of some sort or another since high school and will continue to do so until the day he dies, presumably underneath a camera. Jonathan also writes and illustrates the comics This is 65 and Day Job, created the webseries Popsuckette Theatre, and is the cohost of This is 65 The Podcast. His inspirations include (old) Tim Burton, Jean Pierre Juenet, David Fincher, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Mel Brooks, Ghostbusters, his friend Patrick Anderson and his wife Bekah. Jonathan currently resides in Baltimore, MD with Bekah and 3 dumb cats.

Bekah grew up in Baltimore, MD and enjoys putting Old Bay on everything, including beer. She graduated from Towson University with a major in Electronic Media in Film with a minor in English, which technically makes her smarter than most of the other people on this page and also explains why she loves Woody Allen movies so much. Bekah openly dislikes the production process but will still stand behind the camera to make sure everything’s in focus since she’s the one who’s going to be editing everything. Speaking of editing, Bekah is This is 65 Films’ official (amazing) editor, taking all of our terrible raw materials and cobbling them together into a cohesive masterpiece. She also enjoys knitting, Dorothy Parker, gin, and the Gilmore Girls.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Chris never went to college, but studied tv and radio production in high school which got him a diploma he probably doesn’t deserve. His enjoyment of making movies was borne of a love and appreciation for the medium that he has felt since he was a small child watching Harold & Maude and Tim Burton’s Batman repeatedly. He is a lover of video games and most foods covered in gravy. He is co-host of This is 65 The Podcast and frequently does stand up comedy at open mics and other assorted venues in the Baltimore area. Chris writes and performs voices for the This is 65 Films webseries Popsuckette Theatre and has appeared in front of and behind the camera of several shorts films. Chris’ spirit animal is a cross between a bear and baby rabbit.

Also born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Mark studied English and History at Baltimore County Community College, or BCCC as us natives call it. Mark is a raging hyperactive puppy dog on the outside philosophical spiritual hermit on the inside. In addition to starring in several short films, Mark writes and provides voices for the webseries Popsuckette Theatre. He also started a podcast with Chris called Mark and Chris Have a Podcast with Mark and Chris. They later renamed it This is 65 the Podcast when they brought in Jonathan as a cohost. Then Mark quit the podcast to focus on gettin’ laid being a better person. Mark loves C.S. Lewis, the Ravens, and interrupting people right as they’re about to talk.

Kelly was born in Washington DC and raised in Olney but finds neither of those places exciting. She has a Bachelor of Science in Film/Video/Theatre from Villa Julie College. Since those are art things, she doesn’t understand the science degree and would love for someone to explain this to her. Kelly has been performing in plays, improv troupes, short films, and her shower for about half of her life. She has played a wide rang of roles, from child to prostitute, to blue alien, to various British Persons. When she was younger she loved shooting improvised commercials, short comedy slashers, and parodies of French new wave films. When she isn’t raging against the patriarchy, Kelly enjoys eating foods that incorporate cheese, drinking whole bottles of wine in backyards, and watching Arrested Development for the jillionth time

In 1998 Patrick left a message on the Eaton household answering machine telling Jonathan and his older brother Anthony that he wanted to shoot a short movie based on the video game Resident Evil. If it wasn’t for that message, This is 65 Films would not exist, as it was that instance of terrible movie making that sparked Jonathan’s interest in entertainment. Patrick has an almost supernatural love for John Carpenter, harbors an undying crush on Stephanie Seymour, and hates boglins. Patrick currently resides in Texas, wearing cowboy hates and shouting at cows.